jigging machine Application

Jigging machine is deep groove separator, use water as separation medium, using the vertical flow pulsation of selected mineral loose and sorting according to different density. Jigging machine is diaphragm type, strokes and strokes frequency is according to mineral gravity, can be adjusted flexibly. It widely used in beneficiation tungsten, tin, gold, hematite, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead, tantalum and niobium.

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Structure &Working principle
Jigging chamber is composed of perforated plate, iron woven mesh and grate, water through sieve plate enter into jigger chamber make bad rise to middle height in loose state.

The density particles because of partial pressure and high sedimentation velocity enter into down bottom, small density material transfer to the up. When water lower, density particles can through bad plate enter into down side. Earlier use piston, piston was designed beside jigging chamber, bottom is connection, by the eccentric connecting rod mechanism drives the piston moves up and down.

Features of Jigging machine
1. Use multicellular common numerical control air valve technology.
2. Use taper valve, working reliable, failure rate low to 70%, low energy- consumption, can meet different separation medium requirements, improve processing capacity20%.
3. Reasonable structure, convenient for transportation and installation, reduce equipment load 30%.
4. Powder reduced by 70%.

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