gold ore dressing plant Application

There are several different machines could use in gold ore dressing plant, shaking table ,spiral chute, gold concentrator, gold trommel , flotation machine. Generally all of these machines are working base on the theoretical of gravity separation, except the flotation machine.

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The shaking table always use as the most classic and economically equipment in gold ore dressing plant. 

shaking table for gold separation process is the equipment used in the processing of mineral ores to separate the gold metallic minerals with other impurities. Gold dust separation process with shaking table equipment through gravity separation concentration method is in principle based on the difference of the physical properties of a mineral density. The means used in the process of separating gold of impurities by shaking table equipment utilizing media thin stream of water at the surface of the shaking table. Concentration or separation method utilizing gravity difference in the density of gold (19.3 tonnes / m3) with a density other types of minerals in the rocks (which generally range from 2.8 tonnes / m3). Because the gold mineralize material has mineral impurities or mineral carrier.

In principle, the method of separating gold by using a shaking table the size of the material should be delicate and mineral particles to be separated have the same size magnitude, because during the process of concentration by shaking table based on a thin fluid flow. At the time of the material poured into the shaking table, then the heavier particles will be moving away from the lighter particles, so that the lighter particles or mineral impurities will enter into the tank and separating the precious metals. This process occurs as a result of a boost water force to particle and their movement back and forth on the table shake and the existence a movement back and forth from the shaking table.


Because the relative horizontal movement from the motor then the heavy particles will move faster from the lightweight material with a horizontal direction. For that needs to be mounted barrier to create turbulence in the flow so that the lighter particles are given an opportunity to be above and heavy particles relative are in the section below. To get the turbulent water flow then be assembled the tool is "riffle" and thus the light particles will tend to jump from one riffle to riffle other compared to the heavy particles that will just roll in the same direction in the riffle.


In principle, there are three kinds of forces acting on a shaking table to separate the gold material or material that is valuable from impurities, namely:

§ The push force of the water flow, which is a function of the relative velocity of water flow and particles, In the process, the particles move at speeds that are affected by water depth.

§ Friction force, On gold mineral separation process with a shaking table, This frictional force occurs between the particles on the basis of the deck (board tool).

§ The force of gravity which constitute a force in exploiting differences in the density of the object or materials, among heavy object with the mass of the object that is lighter, among gold mineral or minerals precious with impurities minerals.

Factors that influence in the mineral separation process by using a shaking table, among others:


1. The slant deck

The deck is too slanted will affect the speed of water flow and when the velocity of the water flow is too fast then the lighter particles will brought by the water all of them, thus leaving only heavy minerals. With so the results obtained are the products with high level but the capacity slightly. For a small slope so that water flow velocity is slow, the product obtained with a low level with the large capacity.


2. Feeding speed and slope


If the feed is too fast and the slant deck small , then the separation process will run less well because the weft will accumulate and will go into the concentrate.


3. The density of the materials


If the materials too watery, then the separation would be better and vice versa when lumpy then all particles will go into the concentrate.


4. The number and length of stroke


The influence on the separation process is a long stroke for coarse material and small strokes to delicate material.

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