Micro Powder Grinder Machine

Brief Introduction of Micro Powder Grinder Machine

Micro Powder Grinder Machine also called QWJ Air Classifying Mill( ACM Grinding Mill, ACM Airflow Vortex Pulverizer, Airflow Vortex Mill )is a kind of powder production equipment with international advanced level. Our company introduced advanced powder production skills from abroad and developed the ACM series. Compared with other using pulverizers in China, ACM series is leading in various indexes, so it can pulverize many materials, especially for thermoplastic materials and fiber materials. The powder has the characteristics of uniform texture to nanometer. It’s really an energy-saving powder production equipment with good performance and high efficiency. It was proved by home and abroad customers that ACM series has excellent properties and it could improve your products ’additional value with remarkable economic benefit.

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Application Characteristics of Micro Powder Grinder Machine,QWJ(ACM) Grinding Mill:

ACM series of Micro Powder Grinder Machine is used to grinding low to middle hardness materials. It’s suitable for such industries like tobacco, chemical, medical, dyestuff, coating, plastic, food, pesticide, metallurgy, regeneration rubber, feed,etc.


1. It’s a vertical shaft reflection pulverzier, so it could complete material grinding and powder classifier at the same time.

2. There are airflow regulation valve and stepless governor, so you can control the product’s fineness, also you can recovery all of the dust to protect the environment.

3. It’s has cooling function, and the temperature is not very high when it’s working, so it’s especially suitable for thermoplastic materials and fiber materials.

4. Large output; convenient to operate, clean and maintenance.

5. We adopted a new type of narrow triangle belt, so it has large power of transmission, smooth operation and high efficiency.

Structure Working principle of Micro Powder Grinder Machine (QWJ(ACM) Grinding Mill):

It’s a vertical shaft reflection pulverzier. It is composed of block, frame, grinding unit, classify unit, discharging system, transmission unit and motor.

The schematic diagram below is internal structure. (Pic 1)

Matching equipment’s are composed of host machine, dust collector, high pressure centrifugal fan, airlock, cyclone material collector, electric cabinet, etc.

The intracavity of block is cylindrical; it was separated into two parts by a annular plate. The latter half is inlet chamber. The first half is separated to grinding chamber and classify chamber. The grinding chamber is composed of grinding disk and liner, to pounding material to powder. The classify chamber is composed of classify impeller, to separate powder to “reach the mark” and not reach the mark. Discharging pipe will aspirate the “reach the mark” powder. “Not reach the mark” powder will go back to grinding chamber through shunting ring to continue to grinding until it is “reach the mark”.

Grinding disk and classify impeller are both driven by 2 shafts. The speed of classify impeller can be regulated to get different fineness powder. The feeding screw is installed beside the block to feed material into grinding chamber, the speed is also can be regulated to match different material amount.

After separated by cyclone separating device, dusty air goes into dust collector, because of the air volume expand suddenly, and the speed drop suddenly, bigger dust drop from dust air to lower cabinet because of its weight. Other dust was out of the filter bags because of such as filter bags’ electrostatic,collision,etc. Purifying air was discharged when the dust out of the filter bags is more and more, the resistance of dust collector is larger and larger. To control the resistance of dust collector is in some range, pulse controller send signal to turn on solenoid valve to jet compressed air to corresponding venture tube (the 1st wind), the venture tube lead several-fold air (the 2nd air) into filter bags to make the filter bags expand suddenly. Because the impact action disappear rapidly, the filter bags shrink rapidly. Above all, expand and shrink are the point to clean the dust cover the filter bags, dropped dust discharge to make the filter bags clean.

Install, Adjustment Operation of Micro Powder Grinder Machine(QWJ(ACM) Grinding Mill):

1. Install Adjustment

(1.) Our company supply not only the host machine of pulverizer, but also supply complete sets of equipment. You can also buy only the host machine from us, and buy other machine equipment from others.

(2.) Each equipment should be connected securely. The joints of pipes should tight to prevent air come out. If the joints are not tight, it will decrease the output amount and products quality, also it will pollute environment.

(3.) Electric cabinet should be installed a place that convenient to operate, convenient to observe equipment working. Junctors between each equipment should be put obey country’s role.

(4.) Electric cabinet is composed of voltmeter, on and off bottoms of each equipment, indicating light, current indicating light of grinding motor, knobs of feed motor and classify motor, various protectors,etc.

(5.) All kinds of equipment should be started or stopped in sequence below.

a. Start high pressure fan and airlock, observe whether air pressure and air volume are normal, if not, you should adjust the air door.

b. Start the classifier, adjust classify impeller to normal, the direction is opposite to grinding disk.

c. Start grinding motor, observe whether it’s working steady.

d. Start feeder motor, control the feeding amount to ensure fineness and output.

e. Power off also should in sequence: turn off feeder motor, after grinding finished, turn off the grinding motor; after grinding stop working completely, turn off classify motor, fan, airlock.

(6.) The fineness of this complete sets can be adjusted in particular range as you like.

(7.) When the fineness is meet your requirement, you can adjust the main motor load according observe ammeter. You can fluctuate the speed of feeding motor to change feed amount to at its best.

(8.)Pulse bag filter will carry out pulse injection dust collection only when the situations happened below:

a.. Pulsed dust collector’s pressure difference between in and out reach to a certain value(200mm H2O).

b. Fan’s ammeter decrease to a certain value.

(9.) When the material is thermo sensitive, load of main motor would better a little bit lower than rated power.

(10.) You can control the air volume according adjust air door of draft fan. Usually, if the main air volume will meet the fineness and output demands, you don’t have to adjust next time.

(11.) To check triangle belt regularly. Tension force of the belt is 2-2.7kg, the droop is less than 16mm/m.

2. Operation

(1.) To be sure there is no impurities in material, such as stone and metal. These impurities will badly destroy gear ring of grinding block and classify impeller.

(2.) To check whether each joint is tight, each joint is sealed, no metal impurities in grinding chamber, and each rotational part is flexible before power on.

(3.) Before to check internal parts, you should power off the host machine first, after the machine is totally stop working, you can open the top head to check or repair.

(4.) To mark the trun direction of each motor at a obvious place, to turn according to the specified direction.

(5.) To oiling and lubricate according to the specified rule strictly, the grease should be special and matching. It is not allowed to mix with other grease.

(6.) To check whether the water content of material is in the certain range, to prevent influence product’s quality and efficiency.

Maintenance Basic troubleshooting method of Micro Powder Grinder Machine(QWJ(ACM) Grinding Mill):

1. Do not water on the motor and bearing seal when cleaning the grinding chamber.

2. To pull down the electric switch, and hang up “DO NOT PULL UP”sign, before replace broken parts or maintenances. To disassemble in sequence below:

(1.) Open the top head, disassemble the nut on the top of classify main bearing, and take out classify impeller carefully, to avoid influence balance.

(2.) To twist off the support bolts , and take out the flow splitter

(3.) Disassemble the nuts, and take out the grinding disk.

(4.) If to clean or repair bearing, you can draw off the grinding rotor unit from the bottom of the machine. Put them on the worktable, and disassemble belt pulley, seal ring, retaining ring and grinding main shaft to clean, check bearing and seal ring.

(5.) If to disassemble feeder, back out the belt first, and loose the bolt.

(6.) To check the easy-wear parts in grinding chamber periodically. Usually the useful time of easy-wear part is according to different material and using time. It is very important to manage easy-wear part (like rubbing block, gear ring). To change a new one if the easy-wear parts has been influence to fix connecting bolt.

3. Lubrication:

Bearing lubrication adopt MOS2 grease, the added amount is about one third of bearing race, the replace cycle is:

Replace the 1st time after working 100 hours;

Replace the 2nd time after working another 500hours;

Replace after working 1000 hours from the 3rd time.

There is a lubricating nipple on the block-axis unit, every 30 hours should be a fuel oil gun.

4. Trouble shooting common

Main technical data of Micro Powder Grinder Machine( QWJ(ACM) Grinding Mill):







Pulverization plate






Classifying wheel










Fluid air flow(m3/h)






Rotation speed


Pulverization plate






classifying wheel








Pulverization Fineness


Out put (kg/h)






outline Size












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